a shared passion, a culture, and a community

The fishing tackle business is a shared passion, a culture, and a community for thousands of outdoor enthusiasts who spend their time on the water; it’s more than just a business. Since our humble beginnings in 2002, we’ve been a part of it, growing our footprint and friendships in stores across Africa.

We are proud to call Sensational Angling Supplies the home of renowned international brands such as Okuma, BKK, PRADCO, Halco, Eagle Claw, Hayabusa, Keitech, Damiki, Gamma, FSTK. These and many more international brands live beside our range of established in house brands such as Sensation, BOSS Braid, Docks, Cull-em, Loomis & Franklin, B.A.T and Stealth. 

We offer a carefully curated selection of fishing gear to cover the widest range of fishing facets and live by our commitment to creating High Performance Fishing Gear that delivers optimum value and quality to anglers who love fishing as much as we do.


Lure fishing for Tigers from the side can be both frustrating and exhilarating at the same time. In this episode, The Crow stopped for a quick 2hr session at Jozini Dam. The first hour was dismal on bait so he decided to switch over to soft plastics.